Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY 26 - birthday fun... in the sun... and water.

Present time... dragon costume by Fancy Pants Kids, ukulele,  bubbles, books, PJ's and lots of other treats.
It was so HOT (finally) that we made the best of it outside with popsicles, bubbles, and drenched a 4 yr old.

Couldn't love this kid more... he fills my heart right up.
bathing beauty
Finished up the day with "Kindergarten Prep" Night at the school. Chicken walking out with his "summer activity" bag, feeling like quite the big man.


  1. That last picture? It's too much. He looks SO big!! I hope he had a rockstar day!

  2. Just in awe of this guy! Jay and I couldnt believe how much of a little Ryan he is, esp. in the last picture!