Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BABY THURSDAY - 29 weeks


Weeks pregnant: 29

Time left: 9 weeks 4 days

Weight gained to date: As far as I know... still a total of 2.5 lbs. (next weigh in is on Tuesday. I'll keep you posted :P)

Gender: Still a girl. :)

Baby's approx. length: 15" head to heel

Baby's approx. weight: 2.5 lbs

Veg/fruit size comparison: Squash

Cravings this week: mango milkshakes... YUM.

Movement: We can now see her whole body move around in there... its amazing and a little "Alien" like. LOL!

Chicken's name suggestion this week: Eye Ball. *sigh* This kid is no help at all.


  1. Ha, Eye Ball. And YUM to Mango Milshakes, are you kidding me that sounds so good. Have you had one?

  2. I'm gonna' have to stick with Juice Box as my first choice. Actually Matilda May Juice Box has a nice ring to it.... ;)

  3. Wow didn't I just see you yesterday... I had no idea you where pregnant... Lolo, just your mom... Your so darn cute! I was gonna use some of the descriptive words you used to short cut my listing (laughed so hard) (left some in)lol. But thought better of it. Say hit to eye ball €

  4. I could nom your face off in this picture you're so damn cute. Also, name that baby Thursday and move on with it...