Thursday, June 23, 2011

BABY THURSDAY - 30 weeks


Weeks pregnant: 30

Time left: 8 weeks 4 days

Weight gained to date: Well... it happened. The big FAT shoe dropped. I went to the OB on monday and.... DRUMROLL... I gained 8... yes EIGHT pounds this month. For a grand total of 10.5 lbs total. OY.

Gender: We received our 3rd and final confirmation at our ultrasound tuesday that she is in fact still a girl. :)

Baby's approx. length: 16" head to heel

Baby's approx. weight: 3 lbs

Veg/fruit size comparison: Squash

Cravings this week: Still mango milkshakes.

Movement: She sticks her bum out one side of me and her head out the other... interesting looking... not some comfy for mama.

Chicken's name suggestion this week: ZORTAN... He's just making stuff up now. Sounds like a warrior princess... or an antidepressant.


  1. Whoa mama!!! You're getting big! And only 10lbs gained? You're amazing.

  2. 8 WEEKS LEFT. Holy cow. I'm liking Zortan. Sounds so...girly?

  3. Only 10 pounds gained is amazing! Pretty sure by 30 weeks I had gained 30. Only 10 weeks to go! Exciting. :)