Thursday, June 9, 2011

BABY THURSDAY - 28 weeks


Weeks pregnant: 28

Time left: 10 weeks 4 days

Weight gained to date: As far as I know... still a total of 2.5 lbs. (next weigh in on June 20th. I'll keep you posted :P)

Gender: Still a girl. :)

Baby's approx. length: 14.8" head to heel

Baby's approx. weight: 2.2 lbs

Veg/fruit size comparison: eggplant (Really... she's been an eggplant for like a month. Maybe they could switch it up a bit.)

Cravings this week: Asian pear, ginger snaps.

Movement: BIG movement now... not big as in LOTS... but big as in it looks like she's trying to escape my belly.

Chicken's name suggestion this week: Selba.... I still prefer "Juice box".


  1. love the veg/fruit comparison!! butternut squash perhaps? oxox

  2. She's an impatient little gal, huh!? ;)

  3. Wow. It's like almost time. It's FLYING!!! Looking great my dear!