Sunday, June 6, 2010


Have you ever wondered whether a friendship is worth the work? I have... and I'm having that "wonder" again lately. Don't get me wrong, I have some seriously awesome friends. People worth every bit of work... and they think I'm worth the work too. That's what a relationship is. People caring for each other even when it's hard.

Then there are the friendship leaches. The kind of people who give the illusion of friendship but are sucking every ounce of good out of you. I'm tired of feeling like I'm giving giving giving and not getting anything in return. I am a very loyal person, and the best friend around if you treat me right.

I'm not needy or clingy... and I like my space.
I'll take a phone call at 2 in the morning if you need me.
I'll take your kids when you're at the end of your rope and need a nap.
I WILL NOT get jealous if you have another friend.
I will make you laugh until you pee,
and I will love you even when you suck.

But for goodness sakes... If I invite you to my kids birthday party.... you better make a serious effort to be there.

One family came (aside form my parents). My cousin and her family showed up with bells on. Everyone else bailed. I specifically changed the date of the party so that everyone could make it. Then, no one did. There were some that had valid reasons for not being there. But some were just being flaky. The really sad part, is that those people have flaked over and over and over again and I keep coming back for more. Well, consider this your warning LEACHES.... you are no longer invited.

I'm done.

We had fun without you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

STAR - vintage toronto star sling tote

My very favorite Yah Bag so far....

On one of her many treasure hunts, my mother found an AWESOME toronto star sack. I have reconstructed it into this fabulous sling messenger/tote.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Three whole years

My boy is three.

Just writing those words has brought tears to my mommy eyes. I'm such a freak. This beautiful child has brought me the greatest joy a person can know... just by being him.

So, in honor of his 3rd birthday, I'm going to spout off the most wonderful things about "bad robot".

My boy has alter egos. He introduces himself as "the chicken", "bad robot", "buzz lightyear", and more recently "spiderman" and "opimus crime" (better known as Optimus Prime). He never EVER tells people his real name.

My boy is humungous. He was born a pretty good size; 8 lbs. and 21.5 inches long. He hasn't stopped growing since. At 6 months old he was 22 lbs. He's 43 lbs. now. He's a whopper... and not in the short and wide category. He's the height of a 5yr old and is almost in a size 12 shoe. I go through clothes and shoes at a ridiculous rate.

My boy is a talker. He spoke early, was forming sentaces at 1, and carries on a conversation like an old soul. He has big ideas, a sense of humor that would get anyone chuckling, and is in a constant state of imagination.

My boy is an artist. If he isn't decorating the patio with multi-colored chalk, he's painting, drawing, dancing with passion, or singing with heart.

My boy is beautiful. (and I don't care who thinks I'm biased) With his blond hair and big blue eyes, he's gonna have 'em lining up. Mama will be ready and waiting... or totally unprepared and hiding in my bedroom with wine and tissue.

My boy is brave. He was born with a common heart defect that has required, ECHOs, ECGs, blood-work, cardiac catheterization, anesthetic, medicine, doctors poking, prodding, and poking and prodding some more. He'll tell you that the doctors fixed his heart.

My boy is all me. He may look like his Papa, but his personality is all my fault! We share the same dramatic emotion, talkative and social nature, the ability to make people laugh even during the sad times.

My boy is a blessing. Everyday I'm thankful that I get to be his Mama. I look into his eyes and all the sleepless nights, worry and fear slip away. All that's left is the joy he brings my life everyday.

I love you my darling boy. Happy birthday.