Thursday, June 30, 2011

BABY THURSDAY - 31 weeks

A crappy photo of a tired, somewhat crabby mama. I'll try harder next week.... maybe.


Weeks pregnant: 31

Time left: 7 weeks 4 days

Weight gained to date: 10.5 lbs total

Gender: girl

Baby's approx. length: 16.5" head to heel

Baby's approx. weight: 3.5 lbs

Veg/fruit size comparison: Squash

Cravings this week: Cucumbers and tea.

Movement: I think she went head down this week. I'm a little lower and I can't feel her head on my lower left side any more.

Chicken's name suggestion this week: Ninja style. O_o


  1. I think she dropped some too! I can totally tell a difference between this week and last week from your pictures. Belly hugs to you mama!

  2. Crabby you say? I can't imagine why? ;) It won't be long now til you meet your sweet bundle o' joy...Matilda May Ninja Juice Box!