Sunday, September 26, 2010

shhhhhhh, we're hunting wabbit... err... apples.

Every year for as long as I can remember, my family has gone apple picking on Thanksgiving. For you Americans ---> Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving the beginning of October. Every couple of years we've had to find an new place to pick... because the orchards get busier and busier and it's impossible to enjoy yourself surrounded by a thousand freaks and their children. So we got smart this year and DIDN'T go on Thanksgiving. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. There was parking, no lineups... for anything, places to sit for lunch, plenty of pies to choose from, and of course... LOTS of apples.

Note to self... remember all of this for next year.

My Mama

Bumpa telling Chicken the history of this old pump. BAHAHAHA!!!

Chicken's pumpkin choice.

My Mama getting artsy with the camera.

Lovin Grandma and Bumpa

Our pumpkins... love the nubby one!

Our finds of the day

Playing in the hay.

Waiting for the tractor to take us into the orchard.

Rockin out in the orchard

Soooo tasty!

Bumpa's being silly
Hiding with Grandma


  1. Looks as though the day couldn't have gotten any better! Is he getting cuter every post??

  2. It's very possible... He is a pretty handsome guy. ;)

  3. Pics are gorgeous! One of the things I envy about not having seasons.

    On a different note... THAT'S YOUR MOM?!?!? What was she, like frozen for 20 years? Or did she have you when she was 10? Can you tell that I love her and hate her at the same time? LOL

  4. I will echo the poster above me with WOW your mother looks fabulous! hehe

    Cute pics! :)

  5. Thanks ladies! I'll be sure to tell her! Let's hope those good genes got passed on... LOL!