Friday, September 24, 2010

1st FLASHBACK FRIDAY - My first day of school.

 We took The Chicken man to the park today to fly kites, swing on swings and other such park activities. The park is behind a school. Not having a child IN school. I was unaware of their schedule and ended up in the thick of it.

It was Carnage.

Seriously... through a mothers eyes, the school yard looks like a war zone. I wanted to take cover... desperately looking to see if the little kids had their own playground.... imagining my poor little 4 yr old entering school next year and being trampled my these elementary HEATHENS!

Once the hyperventilation subsided, I tried to remember back to my first days at school. They we enjoyable. Note that I DO NOT look heathen trampled.


  1. Holy cuteness! I have to say, your bag almost looks like something you would make now :) Your good style started early ;)

  2. You rocked those knee socks, girlfriend!

  3. Thanks Meagan... it DOES look as though it started early!!! BAHAHA!!