Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm so patriotic... in my fabric choices at least.

I dug into my mail bag supply over the past few days and went to work. My very favorite combo is old canvas and vintage ticking.... gets me all hopped up! I hit the ticking jackpot a couple of weeks ago and wanted to incorporate it with some fab Canadian mail bags I had tucked away. This was the result... some of my best work so far:
LOVE the rusted spots, and the patina on the metal grommets.
Beautiful ticking lining and 2 lengths of handles.
I adore the way this one turned out. Check out the fabric patina!
I think this is my favorite ticking. Tan and navy.... delish!


  1. Gorgeous! If I didn't already buy one I would totally buy that first one. Awesome work :)

  2. i adore these bags. i'm going to have to start saving my pennnies!