Sunday, July 25, 2010

If it's old.. I'll probably love it.

I'm sure it's obvious by now that I love vintage fabrics. 

But it doesn't stop there... 

I adore antiques, vintage items... anything broken down, paint chipping, wearing away awesomeness. I can't tell you the feeling I get in my chest when something REALLY loved appears in my line of vision. God help you if you're in my way. 

I've had the pleasure of photographing many of eclecticpelican's  and modernpoverty's fabulous vintage, antique, and primitive pieces. These are a few of my favorites...

glass eyes
beautiful detailing on a vintage doll
stunning set of children's cups
tooth necklace
3 faced doll - happy, sad, asleep
miniature doll house rocker - LOVE
ah marbles... I still adore them.
watch innards
more eyes... so fabulous... so creepy
mixed antique doll feet
old bears never get....... old.
love the rich colors in the train set


  1. These photos are amazing! You know I share your love of the old, chipped & broken! That miniature doll house rocker is the bomb!

  2. Ugh! it's my favorite too! I wish I could have for my very own!

  3. Ah!!'s the thing. I don't go for old! Sometimes I'll see something sweet at a fleamarket- that I will be attracted to- of course. But in general- I like new. BUT. I think your site is so incredibly beautiful. The pictures! You've got me feeling like I DO love vintage! But it's mostly the way you place the pics- against the lovely light makes them feel CLEAN. I'm very into clean. (this is not about thoughts of it actually being clean...) love it!!

  4. Well thank you... that certainly means a lot coming from someone that doesn't care for vintage. Maybe I'll convert you yet! I've seen many people use "dirty" vintage items in a clean modern setting. Looks stunning. Especially the colorful ones like the marbles or the children's cups on a white "clean" background. I on the other hand like it all "dirty"... as in look AND feel. I'm a vintage junky. If it came powdered... I'd snort it.

  5. The thing I like the most about vintage is that everything used to be made to be indestructible and was really great quality. Nowadays, most things are made to be mass produced and falls apart so fast.

    I do have to say, old dolls creep me the eff out! But all the other pictures are wonderful ;)

  6. The pics are beautiful!! Unfortunately, I'm like Megan, I love seeing and browsing for vintage stuff, but usually don't buy it for myself. Finally something that we DON'T have in common! I was starting to think you were my long lost sister or something! :)

  7. LOL! Yes... you're giant canadian sister!