Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little about me and a little about you!

One of my favorite blogs My Little Girls Closet has posted "a little about me and a little about you!". She got it from Luv in the Mommyhood.I too shall bite. These are my answers. If you'd like to join in, take the first word of each line and fill in the rest! Post it on your blog, then come back and link me!

Making: pillow covers and Yah Bags
Cooking: spaghetti and homemade meatballs
Drinking: milk
Reading: blogs/twitter/etsy
Wanting: new clothes/shoes/cellphone
Looking: at 3 loads of clean laundry that need to be folded
Playing: catch up
Wasting: time, I should be sewing
Sewing: well... obviously I'm not... hence that last answer.
Wishing: money grew on trees
Enjoying: life/sunshine/Annie Lennox
Waiting: for my baby to come home from grandma's
Liking: peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
Wondering: if I'll ever sleep again
Loving: My boy.
Hoping: I win the lottery. LOL!
Marvelling: at the joys of motherhood
Needing: A nap
Smelling: clean laundry
Wearing: jeans and a tank top
Following: the leader... oh wait... that's me.
Noticing: that my cats spend WAY more time downstairs when the boy isn't home... BAH!
Knowing: I better get back to work
Thinking: about what to tackle next
Bookmarking: recipes
Opening: the patio for some air
Giggling: @thecheapbastard
Feeling: relaxed

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  1. Love it! I want peanut butter chocolate chip cookies too!