Friday, August 5, 2011

BABY THURSDAY... on friday - 36 weeks


Weeks pregnant: 36

Time left: 2 weeks 4 days.... OH. MA. GAH. Not counting today... that's 17 days. 

Weight gained to date: 16 lbs total

Gender: girl

Baby's approx. length: Supposed to be 19" long... but she's measuring over.

Baby's approx. weight: Supposed to be about 6 pounds... but she's measuring over.

Veg/fruit size comparison: small watermelon

Cravings this week: also WATERMELON. :)

Movement: Pushing down on my bladder... Hello bathroom! 

Chicken's name suggestion this week: "Lola". Although he pronounces it "Whoa-wa"... so funny!


  1. Whoa. Are we really this close?? I'm so glad you get to do it before me so you can cheer me on ;) So stinking excited for you!!!! Oh, and HI you look UH-mazing!

  2. crazy! I really like Lola, and can't believe only 16lbs!! you are gorgeous! oxox