Thursday, August 18, 2011

BABY THURSDAY - 38 weeks - the last installment

I can't believe this is the last "BABY THURSDAY"! It has just flown by... seriously. I feel like I JUST announced that I was building a baby. Then POOF! She's gonna be here in 5 sleeps!

I'm so excited to meet this little girl... to watch my son become a big brother... to see how my family evolves from 3 to 4. I've been a little weepy this week thinking about all the amazing things ahead and saying goodbye to the things that will no longer be; the movements of a child inside me... the time my boy was an "only".

I want to thank all of you that have followed along on this preggo journey with me. You've all been such a support. xoxo

Catch you on the flip side - MOTHER OF TWO!


Weeks pregnant: 38

Time left: 5 SLEEPS! 

Weight gained to date: 19.5 lbs total

Gender: girl

Baby's approx. length: Supposed to be 20" long...

Baby's approx. weight: Supposed to be about 7 pounds... Doc thinks she's over 8lbs. Eeep!

Veg/fruit size comparison: watermelon

Cravings this week: tortilla chips dipped in refried beans and sour cream.

Movement: Stretching pushing and rolling movements. It feels like it's pretty cramped in there... especially at night... Oy... the nights are getting brutal. I've started sleeping in the lazy boy.

Chicken's name suggestion this week: "Fire Elastic Man". It really does have a certain ring to it.


  1. I know lovey, it's a sad/happy time, and you're uncomfortable.. Weep it up, it's a grieving of an experience that makes you feel the most alive, creating life. Stay rested, preparing for the next chapter of parenting, and give Chicken all the hugs and special time you can this week. All my love! Looking forward to seeing you on the other side ;)

  2. Major hooray!!! You are almost there!!!!

  3. Wuhoo! I am excited to "meet" your newest addition and of course, know how the whole transition thing goes. I am right behind you!

  4. beautiful mama, wishing you all the peaceful things in the world the next few days. welcome, bebebito!