Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The latest...

It's time we all grasped the concept that fall is impending and we should just go for the ride. Along with fall come some of my favorite things:

-Where I live the leaves change into some of the most beautiful colors you've ever seen.
-Pie... oh boy the pie.... Apple, Rhubarb, pumpkin... you name it mama, I'll eat it!
-Comfortable, beautiful sweaters... in all colors of the rainbow.
-Apple picking... pumpkins, gourds!
-Cider and ginger cookies
-Leaf collecting (for future use on fall scrapbook pages)
But the best of all, are the accessories. So of course, Yahee's place has fallen in line and started introducing some fall friendly Yah Bags.

The latest Yah Bag's at Yahee's Place:


  1. Oh my god...did that first bag sell already?!?! I totally love it!!

    ...thanks for the reminder that fall may be my favorite season of all...also that one of the reasons I love living in Eastern Ontario is the beautiful trees we have :)


  2. it did! I think it was only up for 20-25 mins!!! I really needed a sale though. Now I have to make another to take it's place!

    It seemed like summer flew by, but I'm excited about fall. It truly is a beautiful season here.

  3. These bags are wonderful! And the photos! That red wool lovely is gorgeous!

  4. I really like that one too... makes me think of cool nights on the porch.