Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 years... seems so long and so short.

August 11th, 2006. It was a Friday. The sun was shining... not a cloud in the bright blue sky. It was 24 beautiful degrees (78F).

I got married that day... to my best friend, confidant, soul mate, partner in life. It seems like a lifetime ago... and just like yesterday all at once.

Happy anniversary Hubbs... I love you like a crazy person.

Us, basking in the glow of freshly wedded bliss.

The wedding was "A sweet occasion"... a vintage tea party if you will. Held from 2pm - 4pm... we served tea and desserts.

Wedding favors
The most delectable cupcakes with flowers and ladybugs.
Perfect cake for a garden wedding.
It was a very small affair... 50 guests. Held in my parent's back yard.


  1. STFU!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! We are Anniversary soul mates! do you follow Kellynaturally? It's her anniv too! Except I think like 19 years or something, but still!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!! Happy day, lovely bride!

  2. BAHAHAHA!!! I know! I do not follow her ... yet! I will be shortly! Happy day to you awesomeness bride!

  3. Congrats to you both! Looks like it was a delightful wedding! Chicken is a lucky boy!

  4. Wow, your wedding was amazing!! You looked fab, of course, but I'm still in shock with the gorgeous cake & cupcakes!! Congrats, and may you have many many more! :)