Saturday, January 16, 2010

So it turns out that blogging is not what I thought it would be. When I started this whole thing I thought I would be FILLED with inspiration and have posting ideas coming out the... well you get the idea. On the contrary... every time I think of posting something I decide it's not worthy. Or, the bad robot in my life (a name he picked... not me) gets a fever and doesn't sleep for three days. Somehow he's still running around like a super hero and I'm like the living dead. I could barely motivate myself to sit down at the sewing machine let alone think of something profound to "blog" about. Once I did force myself to the machine I decided to tackle yet another zipper attempt. All of the things I have conquered in the world of sewing, fabric, and design... I still can't get a zipper right. Is there anyone out there that can give me a fool proof method? .... anyone?

I did manage to finish 2 more bags for the market tomorrow. One that was an old German feed bag with big print all over it. I have no idea what it says... hopefully nothing offensive. I lined it with ticking. It's so scrumptious I could eat it!

Well... I'm off to bed to dream of bark cloth... or maybe to nightmare of zippers. Either way, I hope to see sleep tonight.

P.S. I threw the zipper-foot into the living room today... I'm sure "bad robot" will find it tomorrow and think it's one of his missing pieces.


  1. I'm not a master at zippers either but I can offer this- there are very good You Tube videos of how to sew in your zipper. Otis College puts them out, so be sure to do a search for Otis college zipper tutorials. You can learn the lapped or most commen, railroad zipper. Hand basting them in place also helps me tremendously. And just practice sewing them into swatches you have left laying around. Once you have one you really like, label and keep it close by for reference.
    Good luck!
    P.S. Welcome to the blog world.

  2. Thank you so much for your insight. I will go to youtube right now!!! I appreciate it so much. It's been so frustrating. I've been avoiding them like the plague!

    Thanks again,